A practical guide for finding the best bird watching sites in Morocco.

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Are you an enthusiastic birdwatcher, planning a trip to Morocco? Do you want to know where in Morocco to see Lesser Kestrels, Black Kites, Egyptian Vultures, Short-toed Eagles, Hen Harriers, Ospreys, Booted Eagles Hobbies, Montagu's Harrier, Black Shouldered Kite, Desert Sparrow, Stilts, Plovers, Knots, Sanderlings, Stints, Sandpipers, Gulls, Terns, African March Owl, Bald Ibis, Slender-billed Curlew, Moussier's Redstart, and many more...? You have found the right page.

This page contains practical information, tips and tricks that will help turning your bird watching trip to Morocco into an unforgettable experience. All information contained in this page is the result from a trip of the authors to Morocco in October 2000.